Portraits of journalists

A project for the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

Visualizza Portraits of journalists in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

Atlas of faces
Text Elettra Stamboulis

In the age of the selfie, the idea of drawing portraits of International Journalism Festival speakers might seem a little anachronistic. But let’s be honest: we still like to have our portraits done and we are generally curious to see how others see us. 
The portrait idea and the map where the journalists are located is something specific to Gianluca's art. In his Untitled project he drew more than 300 advertisements of contemporary art exhibitions from all over the world, in politicalcomics.info he classified and drew a myriad of news, not broadcasting news, but a sort of disordered flow collate by drawing, an images puzzle of swallowed up histories.
In the nineteenth century, photography attempted to catalogue human physiognomy in the strange experiments of Duchenne de Boulogne helped by Nadar, or Bertillon's system of anthropometric legal photography. The experiments failed. But both these research projects, which were focused on portraits, showed that drawing didn't result in something true, but always something that could or should be interpreted.
So coming back to drawing, considered as Paul Auster's experiment in truth, is a way to collect the music of chance in the faces of those who form part of a symphony without an apparent conductor: the buzz of the news, the brilliant article, the search for reason where there is no reason, all the things that normally journalists do, all these could be hidden perhaps in faces, rearranged in the map. Trying to catch the everyday work of people creating news: yes creating, for there is no news without a creator. In an age of overload and distraction, Costantini is a sort of new Bertillon, minus the intention to classify, but with the role of attentive observer of this geography of faces.

Bill Adair


Sanford School for Public Policy

Eric Scherer

France Télévisions

Laura Amico

Homicide Watch DC

Justin Arenstein
Fair, aip, Safrea

Michael Backhaus

Bild Am Sonntag

James Ball

The Guardian

Sanford School for Public Policy

Caroline Bannock

Guardian Witness

Sam Barcroft

Barcroft Media

Peter Barron

Google EMEA

Emily Bell

Tow Center for

Digital Journalism

Fergus Bell

ONA Online News


Wolfgang Blau

The Guardian

George Brock

City University

Steven Buttry

Digital First Media

Mar Cabra

The International Consortium

of Investigative Journalists

The map of the journalists
on Pinterest

Alec Ross

One Economy

Om Malik





Amanda Zamora


Andy Carvin

First Look Media

Angelica Peralta Ramos

La Nacion

Aron Pilhofer

The New York Times

Bill Emmott

London Library

Claire Wardle

Tow Center for

Digital Journalism

Craig Silverman


Dan Gillmor

Walter Cronkite J-School

Alan Rusbridger

The Guardian

Daniel Ha


Eliot Higgins

blog Brown Moses

Ernst-Jan Pfauth

De Correspondent

Ethan Zuckerman

Center for Civic Media

Global Voices

Evgeny Morozov

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Felix Salmon


Giannina Segnini

La Nación

Jillian York

Electronic Frontier


Joanna Geary


Luke Lewis


Margaret Sullivan

Public Editor’s Journal

Mark Little


Mathew Ingram


Julie Posetti

World Association of

Newspapers and News Publishers

Raju Narisetti

News Corp

Richard Gingras


Rob Wijnberg

De Correspondent

Sarah Marshall

The Wall Street Journal

Simon Rogers


Steffen Konrath

Liquid Newsroom

Sudha Ram


Wilfried Ruetten

European Journalism


Ricardo Avila

Tony Wheeler

Lonely Planet

Roberto Sapag

Diario Finaciero

Zygmunt Dzieciolowski

Open Democracy

Tikhon Dzyadko


Jeff Jarvis

City University

Mikhail Zygar


Mark Kaigwa

Nendo Ventures

Sakhr Al-Makhadhi

Syria News Wire



Gianluca Costantini lis an illustrator who defines himself as a “graphic activist”. His political comics are much appreciated in Italy and have gained him respect in cultural circles. His latest graphic novels include:  Dinner with Gramsci, Julian Assange Wikileaks hacker ethics. Founder of the magazine inguineMAH!Gazine and artistic director of GIUDA Editions, he also works on the organizational committee of Komikazen Italy’s Comic Festival. Costantini contributes to International laLettura, World War 3 Illustrated, and Le Monde Diplomatique, and has exhibited in galleries and public spaces abroad including Lazarides Gallery in London and the Salon du Dessin Contemporain at the Louvre.


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